Refereed Journals


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  • Monte Carlo Neutron Ray-tracing

    Jiao Y. Y. Lin, Hillary L. Smith, Garrett E. Granroth, Douglas L. Abernathy, Mark D. Lumsden, Barry Winn, Adam A. Aczel, Michael Aivazis, and Brent Fultz,

    MCViNE – An object oriented Monte Carlo neutron ray tracing simulation package, Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment, Volume: 810 Pages: 86-99 Published: FEB 21 2016

  • Remote Sensing

    Frederic Herman, Olivier Beyssac, Mattia Brughelli, Stuart N Lane, Sebastien Leprince, Thierry Adatte, Jiao Y Y Lin, Jean-Philippe Avouac, and Simon C Cox,

    Erosion By an Alpine glacierw, Science, Vol. 350 no. 6257 pp. 193-195, 2015

  • Mossbauer Diffractometry

    Lin, Jiao,

    Mossbauer diffractometry: principles, practice, and an application to a study of chemical order in 57Fe3Al. Dissertation (Ph.D.), California Institute of Technology. 2004.

  • First-principle calculation of optical properties

    Lin J, Lee MH, Liu ZP, and Chen CT.

    Mechanism for linear and nonlinear optical effects in beta-BaB2O4 crystals, Phys Rev B 60 (19): 13380-13389 NOV 15 1999

Conference Proceedings

  1. Fultz B and Lin JYY, MOSSBAUER DIFFRACTOMETRY - Concepts, Instrumentation and Measurements, NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Mossbauer Spectroscopy in Materials Science.
  2. Chen, HCM, Cook WR, Harrison FA, Lin JYY, Spatial Characterization of a Large-Format Fine-Pitch CdZnTe Pixel Detector for the HEFT Balloon-Borne Experiment IEEE NSS/MIC Conference 2003


  1. Fultz B, Kelley T, Lin JYY, Lee JD, Delaire O, Kresch M, Mckerns M, Aivazis M, Experimental Inelastic Neutron Scattering, Introduction to DANSE (Springer-Verlag, in preparation)


  1. Jiao Lin et al, Invited talk, Monte Carlo simulations of multiple scattering from samples and sample environments, WINS, Grenoble, France, May 2014
  2. Jiao Lin, J Brandon Keith, Michael Mckerns, Michael Aivazis, Brent Fultz, Virtual Neutron Facility, ICNS, May 2009
  3. Jiao Lin, DrChops, Direct Geometry Spectrometer Software Meeting, May 2009
  4. Jiao Lin, Ryan Monson, and Brent Fultz, Long-range order of defects revealed by Mossbauer powder diffractometry, APS 2005 March Meeting