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iMars3D: Neutron tomography reconstruction

by Jiao
iMars3D: Neutron tomography reconstruction

A snapshot of a neutron CT reconstruction.

Neutron has greater penetration depths and has different cross section dependency on elements than X-ray. Neutron tomography can be used to study a variety of larger samples and is finding applications in engineering, material science, biology, and archeology. This package is in use by ORNL neutron imaging beamlines for neutron CT reconstructions.

First automatic CT reconstruction for the CG-1D beamline at HFIR

by Jiao
  • New metadata added to images acquired at CG-1D beamline to identify grouping of CT scans
  • Auto-discovery of the image files improved for a CT scan, including open beam and dark field images based on measurement time
  • Auto-cropping algorithm improved to work with more measurement scenarios, especially those with slits
  • New trigger from Cataloging service added to start the auto reduction service for CG1D
  • Auto-reconstruction script implemented
  • First successful auto-reconstruction happened Sept. 13, 2018


by Jiao

histogram is a simple python data object for storing data and metadata of histograms. It uses numpy for data arrays, and has a simple hdf5 file reader/writer. It can be installed by using conda:

$ conda install -c mcvine histogram